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don’t fence me in

March 25, 2010

want to know what’s bothering me? i’ll tell you. what’s bothering me are the sweeping indictments of folks who align themselves with certain groups. if you say you’re a republican or conservative, you’re defined as being a “no” person or an elitist. if you say you’re a democrat, people assume you want to take all my hard-earned money and give it to the poor.

allow me to lay some stuff on the line for you:

conservative. i am a conservative and am registered as such here in new york state. in all the other states in which i’ve lived i have registered as a republican. i vote conservative when candidates are up for the vote, otherwise i pull the lever for the republican ticket.

gay rights. i do not agree with many of my fellow republicans and conservatives who say gay and lesbian couples should not be able to legally marry. do not lump me in with pat robertson and others of his ilk; i don’t agree with them. (i also think mr. robertson may be insane, but that’s a topic for another post.) i firmly believe one’s sexual orientation is ingrained from birth, and i know you don’t choose with whom you fall in love. i like men, always have and always will, and maybe you feel the same way! if, as a woman, i am able to marry a person of the opposite sex, who has the right to say people of the same sex can’t marry? i don’t have that right and neither do you, and i think it’s disgusting and un-american that gays and lesbians aren’t able to legally marry. i don’t understand this fight, for i feel the fight is unnecessary. legal marriage for consenting adults.

gun control. i own several guns and have them in my home for protection. i don’t use my weapons to kill game (ted nugent!) but i would if i lived the way the nuge lives. if someone were to kill a member of my family and the courts can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that guilty verdict, i would have no qualms about being the only person on the firing squad. if you attempted to break into my home and hurt me or mine, my only suggestion would be to make peace with whatever higher power you believe in, if you do, and do it quick, for your lights are about to go out. i understand and acknowledge both sides of this heated debate, and i do see the pros and cons of each side. i understand fully if guns scare you (imagine growing up with an drug-addicted and alcoholic mother with guns in the home!). i understand and respect those of you who provide for your families the old fashioned way. this debate will never end, but i’m happy with where i stand on this issue.

abortion. i believe life begins at conception, but you may disagree. i believe abortion is murder, but you may disagree. i can’t imagine what a woman who’s had an abortion has gone through, and i’m not sure i ever will. unless my close girlfriends are lying to me, i believe none of them have had abortions. other than after a rape or an incestuous relationship where either of which resulted in a pregnancy, i don’t understand the thought process which goes into the decision to have an abortion. you’re terminating a life that’s living and growing inside you. i don’t understand this, and i’m not sure i ever will. another heated debate which will never end.

government. i believe government, at all levels, needs to be as small as possible, with the fewest number of intrusions into my personal and professional lives as possible. i believe the government is not responsible for me, and in turn i believe i’m not responsible for you.

whiners. i get particularly fed up with the whiners who say they have no opportunities. if you’re upright and in the united states of america, you are presented with every possible opportunity to succeed! it’s your fault, not mine, if you don’t move forward in your life. do not come at me and tell me you can’t afford college, that you’re broke, or whatever else you want to whine about. i used my g.i. bill and worked my ass off in numerous bars and taverns to put myself through school to obtain my degree in computer science. i was left alone, with several younger brothers and a sister to look after, too many times to count when i was younger. why? because my mother decided getting high, whoring around and staying drunk for weeks on end was more important than her children. you will never hear me whine about my lot in life. i took care of my siblings when she disappeared, stayed in school, didn’t get pregnant at 15, and moved on with my life.

there are so many different words and phrases you could use to describe yourself. what i want you to remember is this: as you go about your life, remember to not lump all of us into a group. i promise to keep an open mind when communicating and interacting with you, and i ask the same of you.

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