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get out of my way

March 19, 2010

there are many phrases and words i could use to describe myself: woman; pisces; veteran; gun owner; believer in God; wife (for now); sister; aunt; real estate investor; friend. there are two more words i’d use which make me really proud: business owner. God blessed me with an entrepreneurial brain and i’ve put my brain to very good use. i own a number of properties which i’ve turned into rentals, and i employ two full-time managers to solely help me manage these properties and my tenants. there are also the three bars which i own, where i employ at least four people at each location. i own a local laundromat which is always clean and well-maintained thanks to the amazing man who runs the place. i have — and will continue to do so until it’s time for me to meet my Maker — exploited all the goodness which america has to offer. i’ve still got so many dreams left inside this body, and i know when i work hard, save my money and partner with amazing people i will make all those new dreams come to fruition.

to all the politicians who may be reading this blog, i’ve got five words for you: get out of my way. i’m the type of person you want living in your state. i add to the tax rolls and i get people off welfare. stop burdening me with unnecessary paperwork and regulations. make the state’s websites easy to understand, make all the forms needed available for download, and implement digital signatures. tell state employees to put a smile on their face and to treat me like a queen when i call in with a question or need. (i’m tired of the nasty people on the other end of the line who sound so depressed. get happy!) make it easier for me to give you what all states so desperately need: money on the tax rolls.

get out of my way, give me the minimum number of hurdles to jump, and witness the amazing things i will do for our state.

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