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america is in trouble

March 18, 2010

pelosi. reid. obama. progressives. health care. all of this, and a helluva lot more, spells trouble for the greatest nation on the planet. our democratic republic is in trouble and it’s up to you and me to prevent further damage.

you must get involved in your government, including local, state and national politics. cliche of the day: politicians work for us. we are the constituency. our votes matter.

here’s another thought: you disgust me if you don’t vote. don’t give me the bullshit line that “my vote doesn’t matter.” your vote is precious (others would kill to have what you have), it’s counted and it’s important. don’t tell me “i don’t vote because i don’t like any of the choices.” another bullshit, punk-ass, and weak argument. investigate and question the candidates. where do they stand on the issues which mean the most to you? cast a ballot and get involved.

speaking of getting involved, it’s time for you to call your senators and representative(s). i have, many times, and now it’s your turn. tell them they’ll lose their jobs come november if they dare to vote for this health care monstrosity. go here and search for the folks who represent you: contacting the congress.

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  1. March 18, 2010 3:16 pm

    No, actually we voted for change during the past two elections, and while the health care bill may not go far enough, it’s better than nothing. See, that’s how democracy works.

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