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online poker

March 14, 2010

i’ve been playing no limit hold ’em for five years. regrettably, i’ve yet to try, or learn, any other version of the game. one day … maybe. i play at local casinos 2-3 days per week and there’s the local group of players who meet up for our weekly tournament on sunday. during my first year as a player, the clubhouse in which we were playing was robbed at gunpoint. some son of a bitch punks (two whites, two blacks and one latino) burst in and got away with a significant amount of money. they’ve yet to be caught and face justice. i’m not sure i’m fine with that last fact, but i do know they’ll have to answer to God before they’re banished to hell.

for the past few months i’ve played on i thought their business model, wherein i pay a set fee each month to play an unlimited number of games, was a good one. (before i continue, it should be noted i also play on ultimatebet, pokerstars, and fulltiltpoker.) on spadeclub, and the other poker portals, i’ve made good money, made some “friends” and always kept in mind that web-based poker isn’t “real” poker. in my humble opinion, the only true flavor of poker is the live cash game. live cash games reveal the true player; there’s no hiding behind a keyboard. there’s also very little of the ridiculously river’d bad beats one witnesses during online play; yes, a bad beat goes down in live cash games, but it’s not as ubiquitous compared to what i’ve seen online. the live cash game can also be witness to the sadness of watching someone trying desperately to win their rent for the month. as for me, i’ve lived my relatively young life to ensure i’m in a very good financial position. truth be told, i’m set for life. i’ve invested in real estate (7 properties) and bars (3) and other things to ensure i’ve got a steady stream of income so that i don’t have to work each month. i haven’t drawn a corporate paycheck in more than a decade, and that’s the way it will remain until i die.

let’s get back to spadeclub. i’ve decided to end my membership at the end of this month. i’ve grown tired of my As getting cracked. (statistic: the last 7 times i’ve had As, they’ve all been cracked on the river. that shit doesn’t occur in real life.) i’ve grown tired of the near constant emoticons flashing across the screen while i’m playing. i’ve grown tired of the filthy language and mean-spirited players. i’ve grown tired of being frequently disconnected from their site, and seeing a message flash across the screen that the tournament has been canceled due to technical problems. get your shit together, spadeclub. you’ve been in business for years and i shouldn’t be witness to this level of technical problems. indeed, i have grown tired of the online game. if i were named durrrr or isildur1, maybe, just maybe, i’d have a different take on the online game. then again, maybe not! i’m not going to put millions of dollars into a web-based portal. that will never happen. i will, and have, put significant amounts of cash on the line in a cash game. never online.

good spadeclub. it’s been … fun.

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