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guns and random thoughts

March 2, 2010

i am a gun owner. i am a member of the nra. i’ve recently purchased a new handgun because i’m very concerned about where my country is heading, and in particular i’m concerned about the state of my tiny town. burglaries are up, as is the number of the locals who are on welfare.

the one-termer named barack hussein obama is a man i’m learning to despise more and more each day. 2012 can’t come soon enough and i’ll be glad when this anti-american is out of office, out of the daily news, out of my life. if you don’t like freedom and capitalism, get the fuck out of my country. i’m sure hugo chavez, medvedev and putin will hold a spot for you.

i love my country, and yet i don’t know how she’s going to look a year from now. i’m hoping and praying for major upsets later this year in the midterm elections. i’m hoping for someone like the brilliant thaddeus mccotter will run for president in 2012. i’m hoping true fiscal conservatives step up and lead this country. a girl can hope and dream … 😉

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