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i don’t understand

September 17, 2009

i have known this woman for most of my adult life. she’s been a friend, a mentor, a compassionate and sometimes “what the fuck are you doing” ear. like me, she doesn’t know how to swim, but man-o-man can we float! she wasn’t upset when i didn’t invite her to our city hall wedding; hers was a similar wedding, which was planned on a monday with the deal done on a friday. physically, we are complete opposites! she’s nearly 6′ and i’m 5’5″. her short, blond, punky (with help) hair has always been that way, while my long (down to my ass) dark brunette hair would remind you of keri russell’s prior to “the cut of the century.” she doesn’t give a shit about politics and i am, well, the crazy conservative cougar who’s never missed a vote.

this woman called me earlier today with the most devastating of news–her husband of so many years has a long-term mistress. (it gets better.) this punk of a man has a child with his mistress. how does she process this? what’s the point of a marriage? what’s wrong with this asshole? i’ve never cheated, nor have i been cheated on; there’s no empathy on my side. the sympathy and rage she can have in spades, but i don’t know how to help her process this, at all. i feel useless and small.

marriage vows are sacred and yes, marriage is hard. but, what the fuck man? can’t you man up if you don’t want to be with her? what kept you there for years, and all the while you’re fucking someone else on the sly? plus, you’ve got a child to whom you can’t be a full-time father. i don’t understand. can someone help me?

on another note (as i tweeted earlier this evening): got any thoughts on revenge?

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