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america is under attack

September 11, 2009

i’ve let my fingers do the walking on the blogs concerning today’s coverage of the 8th year after 9/11/2001. ed morrissey over at hot air summed up my feelings the best in an article he posted early this morning:

Project 2996: Remembering the lost of 9/11

The horror of each individual loss would likely overwhelm us if we thought about it all of the time, if we think about the deaths each of them endured, simply because they lived in America and murderous nutcases hated them for it. (note: i added the bolding to murderous nutcases to draw emphasis to this most important of phrases.)

well said, mr. morrissey, well said.

i truly believe the broadcasters should show the coverage from 9/11/2001 every 9/11 from 2002 into eternity. people forget about this tragedy and some only seem to remember every occurrence of 9/11. i didn’t lose anyone on that day, nor do i know any of the folks who lost their lives, and yet, i continue to feel rage nearly every day i draw a breath. those men, women and children who lost their lives had no chance to defend themselves. they had no chance of survival. the “murderous nutcases” struck my country, and all i want to do is rage. i wish i were a billionaire. wanna know what i’d do with the money? i’d hire a team of at least 1,000 snipers and mercenaries and send them all into the tribal regions. i’d offer a $10,000,000,000.00 bounty to the person(s) who’d bring me osama bin laden alive. all of the snipers on my team, and their families into the generations, would live tax free for eternity. i’d invite rudy giuliani over to my home, and together we’d torture that radical muslim scumbag son of a bitch, with everything televised live on television. any of the victims’ families who either wanted to watch the torture live, or even better participate, would have an open invitation to do so.

i am not an evil woman by nature. however, like the title says i am a crazy conservative cougar, and part of me will never fully understand america’s response to the murder of so many of our citizens. we know who did this. we know who did this. on 9/12/2001, we should have decimated all things radical muslim. we should have profiled every fucking arab-looking person on a bus, train or plane, and tell them to get the mother fuck out of my country. get out. i’ll let you back in only when you prove you’re a legal american citizen, and once i know you’re down with america and all she stands for, and that you’re not fronting. you don’t like capitalism and freedom and God and christianity and catholicism and free speech and the u.s. constitution and women in pants? get the fuck out, you heinous and evil mother fuckers.

what do you do when you’re attacked? you fight back at the source of the attack, correct? of course it’s correct. then why in the hell did we invade iraq? is it because the bushes have friends in the saudi family? did the president not have the fucking balls to do what was really necessary? if someone hits you, you don’t fight back on that person’s cousin. you strike at the source. i understand that. why didn’t bush?

on this most solemn of days, i’ll say a prayer for all of the families affected by the murderer osama bin laden. if there truly is a literal hell, i know satan will welcome him with open arms.

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  1. blissbait permalink
    September 11, 2009 5:27 pm

    May All Beings Know Peace.

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