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whip it out

September 2, 2009

men. i love men! there are great men and then there are men who either need a weighted tire thumper to the back of the head or a bullet to the brain. this post strictly deals with the former.

since the beginning of time, and continuing until the universe implodes, we’ll always have misogynists, male chauvinists, etc. (note to the whiners over at the tennessee guerrilla women’s blog: this is a patriarchal society. however, despite what you’re thinking, women hold all the power. stop with the shrill. also, hillary clinton is a doormat.) this is an undeniable fact which will never be changed, and i’m fine with that. i handle both of these groups of boys in my own special and cougarish ways. men are funny, weird and exhausting creatures, and i can’t imagine being the male of the species! the testosterone, knowing at a glance when i’ve turned you on, and protecting the home and family are some of the manly aspects which really fascinate me. after i went postal on a former boyfriend who attempted to hit me, my baby brother just happened to run into this punk (read between the lines) and gave him a beat down. that’s the way it should be, and my brother did the right thing. (thanks again, baby brother.)

men. i love you guys!

here’s a list of some of the men i’d bed (if the mister wasn’t in the picture):

barry pepper (that nose and those arms make me drool); rush; glenn beck; jonathan hoenig; todd, the blogger over at IDontLikeYouInThatWay (he’s funny, brutal and hyper-sexual; love it!); harvey levin; david asman (fox news); jonathan hunt (fox news); gavin rossdale; sean patrick flanery; christian bale; clive owen; nikki sixx; jon favreau; jim carrey; scott caan; luke wilson; michael savage; andy levy; william fichtner; and, johnny depp (where to begin!). finally and probably most importantly is keith olbermann. poor chap! no one’s watching his show, he’s a nut case and i can’t stomach the guy. nevertheless, i’d give him the night of his life and give him the blow job he so desperately needs.

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