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nazis and term limits and stuff

August 14, 2009

nancy pelosi, God love her, is one crazy broad. thisclose to being the next president of these here united states of america, right after saul alinsky’s devotee and joe “mcgaffe” biden. bloody hell, what is wrong with this country?

(i could be wrong about this next bit, so correct me if i’m wrong. was it specter’s town hall at which this occurred?) earlier this week as the news media was broadcasting arlen specter’s town hall meeting, someone in the audience stood up and asked the good senator to sponsor a bill on term limits for senators and representatives. if memory serves, mr. specter stated “you can vote me out of office at any time.” specter jumped one supposed sinking ship onto one which is really sinking, and i’m hoping beyond all hopes that his flip-flopping ass will be voted out of office.

i want to feel good about my country and my president again, but i don’t know when that will happen. well, it will happen when we’ve got a conservative republican in office, but do i really have to wait until the next election for the warm fuzzies to return? child, i hope not! see, the only thing i want from the federal government is to keep me safe. that means ensure the infrastructure is good to go, and for fuck’s sake bomb the shit out of those countries which attack us. 9/12/01? we should have laid waste to mecca and saudi arabia. screw the “war in iraq.” what a bunch of crap. keep me safe, stay out of my bedroom and my bank accounts and we’re good to go. what do i have now? a president who goes around apologizing on the world stage, and bowing to saudi kings. yeah, america!

i will feel good about my country again, and soon. i have to …

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