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gone but not forgotten

August 14, 2009

every once in a while i get in a mood where i feel i have nothing to say. such is the case for the past few weeks months. c’est la vie. i suppose i do have a few excuses, what with several close family members passing away, plus dealing with the issues of a getting a new bar running. whatever my cheeseball excuses, i do so miss writing for a public audience. and yes, it’s good to be back.

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  1. August 15, 2009 2:47 am

    Capitalism was born out of the ashes of a system called “FEUDALISM” Capitalism was a social advance over feudalism because it freed the serfs and the common man to break away from the landed aristocracy. Those that believed they were lords and blue bloods ordained by God to rule over the earth and and those that they considered less than human than they. They looked down on the mass of people that did not own private property.
    The struggle of the common man did not stop with the birth of our nation. There were those at the founding of our nation that did not want to educate in public schools those that were not of the propertied class. These so called gentlemen attempted to keep people without considerable property from voting. During the rise of industrial revolution the working conditions of workers were so bad that in the Lincoln, Douglas debates the argument was made of “what was worse, ” chattel slavery or wage slavery.”
    Workers and the common man fought back against against those that regarded themselves as “the privileged class.” They formed labor unions and joined together for political action.
    Capitalists from the earliest time of our history to the present time were contemptuous of the general public and our environment. When they had a chance to make a large profit they would shout “FULL SPEED AHEAD AND the public be damned!”
    It became apparent that only if the working class, united together and politically struggled together against the abuses of the privileged class would the common worker have a decent life.
    The struggle for socialism is a part of that struggle of the common man to end exploitation of man by man.
    For over 100 years their has been an effort to put the means of production into the hands of the common man and to share the wealth with the entire community. The prevailing conditions over the years had made this national transformation impossible to succeed. But when the conditions are all in place this revolutionary change will take place because it will be the only possible thing to do.

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