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June 3, 2009

i feel jacked nearly every day i draw a breath. read this blog, respond to this tweet, check out this new bit of technogaga that will make me squeal with delight and make my life easier. i’m tired of the wire that seems to float invisibly behind my head. so, i unplugged and walked away from the computer for a week.

when was the last time you: had lunch with a friend? took your dadmombrothersisterfriend bowling? went for a hike? read a book? devoured a newspaper from first page to last? attended a live sporting event? detailed your car — by yourself? walked to the store instead of relying on your 4-wheeled transport? dusted off the bike and went zooming out on your local trail?

i did all of these things this past week, and more, and i’m a better babe for doing so. admittedly, technology has its place; i understand, acknowledge and respect that. however, there are times when rss should mean “really simple shutdown.” no computers, no online poker, no blogging. none of it for 7 solid days. can you do it?

try it for 7 days and come back to me with your thoughts …

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