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May 28, 2009

i’ve made no bones about my extreme dislike for barack hussein obama, his administration and his policies. i’m in love with my country — the united states of america — and i’m quite afraid as to where this man is taking my country.

here’s my take: i am the product of the american dream. i came from an incredibly poor family, spent a lot of time on welfare as a young child, i don’t know my father, mom was a raging drunk and prolific drug-taker. i don’t look at any of these aspects of my life as bad things. to the contrary! i have never lived my life as a victim, though with all the stuff i was raised with, i surely could have. all of the stuff God gave me have made me strong and vocal and that much more delirious with joy that i am an american woman.

here’s one of my favorite bits of dialogue from the american president:

my favorite part:

america isn’t easy. america is advanced citizenship. you’ve got to want it bad because it’s gonna put up a fight.

exactly! bravo! excellent! america isn’t easy, but that’s part of the fun. if you want it, no matter how you define it, it’s yours for the taking. you’ve got to work for it, and live, breathe and eat it every day until you achieve your goals. america is not the place for handouts. it’s the place where you work hard, save your money and acquire the things your heart desires most. it’s not the place where the elected government is responsible for every aspect of our lives. america the beautiful is the place where the rest of the world comes to and makes their dreams a reality.

i cannot wait for the 2012 presidential elections and for obama to be voted out of office. i want a capitalist pig back in the most powerful chair in the free world. i need a conservative, a true conservative, to occupy that same chair, and to steer my country back to where she needs to be. who’s going to step up to the plate? i don’t know. i do know i don’t want canned speeches and the like; i want the man or woman who’ll ultimately get my vote in 2012 to speak from the heart and make the messiah’s (aka obama) followers realize they were in the wrong. i want to see the stock market back at 11,000+ plus, and i want to see those companies which need to go bankrupt in order to come back stronger and more powerful do so. i want my taxes to go down, and i want to stop paying for all the illegitimate children in this tiny town.

i want so much. the question is, will i get it in 2012?

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  1. May 28, 2009 11:54 am

    And this is why i’ll never vote conservative.

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