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May 20, 2009

topics du jour: plastic surgery and invasive procedures. i don’t get it! i really, really don’t get it. pam anderson, God bless her, looks like a comic book character. does that broad experience major back problems? i’m sure she does.

lisa rinna? what’s gonna happen to her once gorgeous face once her lips fall off?

amanda (armand) lepore? for the love of all the glossy mac lipstick in the world, why would you fuck up your body like that? sweetheart, you’re not a female. never will be.

mickey rourke: mickey, mickey, mickey. you were so fucking hot back in the day. what did you fuck up your once manly face?

michael jackson? that dude needs some serious help. not even sure where to begin with him.

what is so wrong with holding onto and maintaining the parts we were given at birth? what is so horrific about the wrinkles (well-earned, i might add) around my eyes and my gorgeous breasts which sag a bit? nothing, absolutely nothing. i love my face and my body, and i take care of the entire package the best way i know how: drinking at least eight 20 ounce glasses of water a day, 60+ spf, moisturize daily and use aveeno products at night, daily workouts, etc. i would never, repeat never, entertain the thought of having a surgeon cut into my face, nor my body, all in the vain attempt to keep me young. i’m 43 and next year i’ll be 44. in seven years, i’ll be 50. in all honesty, i can’t wait to turn 50! that means i’ll have been alive for 1/2 of a century, and i think that’s pretty damn cool. i’ve experienced so much and done so much, and i’ve taken care of this vessel the very best way i possibly could.

i really feel sorry for the likes of pam and lisa and mickey and armand. what kind of fuckery was floating around in their brains which made them think, yeah, let’s boost the tits or fuck up my face or cut off my dick! i don’t get it. do they really believe they look better? do they feel better about themselves?

what about the “cat woman,” jocelyn wildenstein? frightening is the only word which comes to mind. how could a surgeon do that to someone?

i don’t have answers for my inquiries and i know i never will. today’s topics will continue to scare the shit out of me, and i just wish the same could have been said for these folks below.

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