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do the right thing

May 12, 2009

a week of intense work for clients, another funeral to attend, and dealing with the opening of our bar/restaurant has me tired and cranky, and in desperate need of sex. watching tube8 and can only take me so far. i have notified the mr. i will be jumping his bones later tonight …

this “do the right thing” post is for all the fuck nuts who have wronged me, or people i know, during the past few days:

to the person who playfully keyed my truck while i was parked in the grocery store parking lot: i’ve got your evil face, along with your car, on the store’s video. i suggest you hide …

to the folks at franklincovey: (1) stop transferring my calls to india and (2) tell me where my order is in its path to my door. i’m so sick of this shit.

to the junkies who broke all of the basement windows in the house next door and stole all the copper piping, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. my neighbors just purchased brand new windows. i hate you and everything you do to get money for your fucking fix.

that is all. here’s to getting laid and getting in a better mood.

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