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stop, drop, rock ‘n roll: beverly sills

May 3, 2009

the talent, the one talent, i desperately wish i possessed is that of being able to sing. yes, i do the car thing and the shower thing, but this cougar doesn’t have the pipes to fill madison square garden! most days you’ll find me be-bopping around the house with my ipod’s earjacks plugged snuggly into my ears, a wide variety of musical genres passing over the synapses and out of my mouth.

when one thinks of ms. beverly sills, you don’t think of rock ‘n roll! i’m not going to start a new “opera” category, so we’ll nestle bubbles alongside limp bizkit and stevie wonder. in the first video, ms. sills is funny and humble, and i don’t know how she doesn’t cry. with the muppets, we see her talents wonderfully displayed and of course that lovely sense of humor. (get it, miss piggy!) damn, this dame gives me the chills. i adore both videos, and hope you will as well!

take some time to explore the art form known as opera, or to become acquainted anew if you’ve been away from the genre for awhile. put youtube to work and scavenge, then pop some drops into your ipod for a welcomed change of pace …

ladies and gentlemen, i give you miss beverly sills:

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