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all my children

April 21, 2009

i’ve never given birth, so the title of this post may not make sense at first. it will, so follow along.

as you know, i’m not a bed-wetting liberal (not even sure what that means); i am, until the day i die, a conservative at heart. i believe in small government, fiscal responsibility, abortion is murder, etc. i believe in a strong military, and destroying the fuck out of anyone who attacks my country. the death penalty? i’m down, but only if guilt can be proven. also, allow the victims’ families to have their way with the guilty; fuck this staying in prison for the rest of your natural life. i believe government handouts should be for the short-term and when you’re really in trouble. i don’t believe in generational welfare. i believe you should have children only if you can afford them.

one of things which really disturbs me about where i live (a small town in a northeastern state, town with ~20,000 people) is the number of little girls — 15, 16, 17 years young — having children. and of course, all of these newest tax deductions and their families are on welfare. hence the “all my children” title of this post. there are hundreds of little rug rats running around this town and i’m paying for all of them. i am fucking sick and tired of it. sick of it. probably the most famous “single mother” in town is 25-years-stupid and she’s got 6 kids. what the fuck?! from the looks of the ages of her kids, she began having these kids when she was 15 or sixteen. i don’t get it. do these children believe their lives are going to get better by having kids so young? why am i being forced to support all of these nut cases with my already overly-high taxes? so many “why’s” and i know i’ll never get all the answers.

all of this insanity, and more, brings to mind the very scary nadya suleman, aka octomom. poor, poor californian’s, who’ll be supporting her 14 kids for their rest of their lives. i believe octomom’s fertility doctor should lose his license, but that’s another story. her plastic surgery(ies), her strange behavior. God bless her and that family, for they’re going to need it.

back to the problems at home: where’s the parental supervision? where are the fathers of these out-of-wedlock children? what’s being taught during sex education in our schools? where’s the family unit? i don’t have answers for any of these questions, and i wish i did. all i see is that i live in one of the most heavily-taxed states in the union, and it’s not getting any better. will it ever get better? probably not. still, i will continue to speak out and i will continue to make my opinions known to my elected officials at every level. out-of-wedlock births must be decreased and done so exponentially, and no abortion is not the answer. classes, better sex education, masturbation training (for lack of a better phrase!), a stronger family unit. what’s the answer in all of this?

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  1. April 21, 2009 6:12 pm

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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