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stop, drop, rock ‘n roll: “cult of personality”

April 15, 2009

i’m getting ready to hop in my truck and head out to my local tea party. dressed in black, natch, with my shit-kicker boots on in case any part of today’s protest turns ugly. also, someone alert joe biden and let him know i did my patriotic duty yesterday and paid my taxes.

i’ve let it be known i am extraordinarily concerned about where my country, the glorious united states of america, is headed. i feel that concern even more so today as i prepare myself to protest with hopefully thousands of others concerned citizens in my state. why am i concerned? well, when the fuck nut who’s in the white house bows to the saudi king and potentially drops a very important pre-condition for “talks” with the radical puppet of iran, both of these things draw my concern. america is the place where you make your dreams come true, not where the government has lock, stock and barrel control over your life. the only thing i want my government to do is keep me safe. i don’t want it involved in my bedroom, in my boardroom, my checkbook, nor with my guns (i own many, and i’m well-versed in the lock and load). i don’t want the president acting like a celebrity.

speaking of being safe, let’s address that briefly before we get to today’s video. september 11, 2001: you remember the date, you remember where you were and you remember what you were thinking. i was in san francisco preparing to hop on my motorcycle and zoom in to work. i called my boyfriend at the time, who’s now my mr., to discuss the issues. he’s one of the smartest people i know and he knows history and religion like the back of his hand. two words came to his lips: bin laden. i’d heard that scumbag’s name before, and the bf continued on with more information. it became clear very quickly what was going on. i got it: we’re under attack. now, here’s what i don’t get (okay, i do understand it, but struggle along with me): we attacked iraq in response to 9/11. what should have happened on 9/12/2001? we should have laid waste to mecca and the tribal regions. we should have sent in snipers and mercenaries to hunt down ubl, take him alive, bring him back to the us, and allow the victims’ families to have their way with him. i look at our response to 9/11 as if we were just in a bar fight and instead of attacking our attacker(s), we went after his cousin. what the fuck?

i lovingly adore where i live and the freedoms i enjoy, and i participate fully in the american experience. getting ready to do that even more so now as i raise my voice in protest. i want to go back to being the happy-go-lucky babe of yesterday, so you tell me when that will happen …

before i go, i leave you with the outstanding and hot men of living colour and “cult of personality.” you feel me? i know that you do. most telling, and most disturbing, are these lyrics:

you gave me fortune
you gave me fame
you gave me power in your god’s name

scary lyrics. kick ass video. carry on.

living colour: “cult of personality”

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