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April 14, 2009

i wasn’t the biggest fan of tipper gore prior to and before the white house stint. i can fully understand she didn’t want little karenna knowing that prince had met “nikki” while she, the sex fiend, was masturbating to a magazine in the hotel lobby. i get it! try and protect the kids from the bullshit and the smut. i’m not smart enough to deal with what is and is not censorship, so we won’t go there today. there was, and is, one topic hot on mrs. gore’s list and that was the issue of mental health. let’s go there today …

i come at this subject from this angle: if you’ve got a brain and you’re human, you’ve got mental health issues. that includes me, you and the fucked up liberals in the back of the room. we’ve all got the good days and the bad, but for some folks the “bad” defies description. i think back to my mother and her (certifiable?) insanity, her drunkenness and everything that went along with being her. i look at the mr. and his daily “crazy” episodes. i look to my own fucked up brain and am constantly amazed by it all. let it be known i’ve told the mr. i want all my functioning organs donated upon my death, and that i want my brain donated to science. he won’t respect either of my wishes, but that’s a different story for a later date.

what i find fucking disgusting is how we treat the mentally ill. look, fuck nut, this too could happen to you, and chances are high that someday you’ll go over the edge. remember seeing the lady on the news recently who was driving the scion (i think this was in california?); the cops finally stopped her and all i can remember is the look of anguish and despair on her face as she was sitting in the back of the cop car. lots of comments on blogs and youtube from folks who are cruel and with nothing else better to do.

the most disheartening public displays of severe mental health issues i’ve ever witnessed occurred when i lived in san francisco. forty-nine square miles with close to 1 million people, and a homeless population the likes of which you’ve never seen. there were some days i couldn’t handle walking to work, which was my norm, so i took the muni. there are some very famous homeless folks out there, including frank and furniture guy. the latter, who was about 6′ tall and had short sandy-blond hair, built amazing miniature pieces of furniture out of soup cans and what not. i purchased two pieces from him and i believe i spent $10 total. my two conversations with him were brief, and a bit scary. one time he was incoherent, and the other we interacted at what felt like a genius level. the human brain does terrible and horrible things when the human body doesn’t get the interaction it needs and craves. i couldn’t save furniture guy, and that hurt.

the next time you see someone who’s “not all there,” remember, that person is someone’s father or mother, sister or brother, aunt or uncle, or a friend. that person is loved or desired or needed. instead of making fun of them as their demons take them over, see if you can help and/or call the local authorities. pray to God they’ll be safe and secure and no longer scared and alone. you’re not immune to this and one day — one day — this too could happen to you. if it does, what would you want to happen for you?

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