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stop, drop, rock ‘n roll: “superstition”

April 2, 2009

stevie wonder: funk master, living legend, coolness personified. sesame street: some of my first friends on the tube when i was but a wee lass. put ’em both together and what do you get? the kick ass live video below!

what is cooler than stevie wonder and the boys jamming live on sesame street? can you think of anything, cause i sure can’t. seven minutes of ass shaking music, all the while singing along with the music. did those munchkins understand they were in the presence of stevie wonder? did they get it? i know they do now so many years after the fact. also, how awesome would it have been to have seen some of my favorite characters boppin’ along? watching big bird, the count and ernie bobbing their heads would have made my day … 😉

funksters around the world, i give you stevie wonder live on sesame street. get your ass out of that chair and shake what your mamma gave you for the next 7 minutes!

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