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we’re goin’ down

March 30, 2009

unlike the mr., i don’t have a 149 iq. i am a college-educated woman, and i’ve got enough bizarre life experience to qualify me for a psychology degree. i am many things, including an american, a jew, a woman, a conservative, a small business owner, a business coach, a lover, a wife, an aunt, a sister. i’m also one more thing: pissed off.

for those of you who voted for obama, thank you! thank you for the introduction to socialism and the negation of capitalism. thank you for your willingness to pay for the car warranties which our president just promised. thank you for being blinded by obama the messiah.

i wish had the intelligence, and the audience, of say coulter or rush or michael savage, but i don’t. all i can do is sit here, type and blog and wonder where my country is headed. i’m scared, really scared, about the direction this man is taking our country. all that’s good about america — and there are so many amazingly wonderful things about my country — seems to have been either trampled on or forgotten. this is a country where your hard work pays off; i don’t want it to be the country of the universal handout. i’ve worked damn hard for my money, and fuck anyone — ANYONE — who attempts to take my wealth away from me. “spread the wealth.” fuck you, your momma and the horse you rode in on. i come from a welfare family and i’ve supported myself full-time since the age of 15. got my first car at 16. put myself through school. made a huge success of myself in business. i did all of these things by myself and didn’t ask for help. i didn’t pop out a new kid every year and suck off the tits of the government. hell, i don’t have children! i am responsible for me and my actions, i’ve saved my money and i’ve been a very good girl (though, sometimes a bit of an evil girl). and now some community organizer in the white house wants my money? righteous dude, totally righteous.

can you imagine what reagan and lincoln would do if they were alive right now to witness this insanity? what about the framers? do you think jefferson and franklin would take this shit lying down?

i am concerned and i’m also active. i call and write my representative and senators, and local and state politicians. i call the white house. i’m looking for a “tea party” here locally. is it doing any good? as much as i’d like to say “yes!” the truth is i don’t know. we still don’t have term limits for senators and representatives, and pelosi is still the speaker. nope, guess all my writing and calling isn’t working …

if you’re like me — conservative, business owner, wanting less government intervention — talk to me. what do we do? do we have to wait until 2012? who’s going to take on the “obama machine” and more importantly win(!) in 2012? newt? mitt? rudy? God only knows, although i do wish he or she would step up to the mic now and begin his or her campaign now. i need to hear some voices of conservatism. i need to hear some voices of capitalism. i need to hear from politicians who love america more than i do. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! are you out there?

i want to the see the stock market at 10,000, 11,000, 12,000 and beyond … again. i want to feel good about my president … again. so many things i want, and yet i have no clue when i’ll get those things.

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  1. reformedliberal permalink
    March 30, 2009 7:43 pm

    This seems like a really genuine and heart-felt blog entry. If it’s any comfort at all, know that there many just as scared as you are, including me. We all desperately want conservative voices to step up so that we can inject some sanity into the situation.

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