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borders, language, culture

March 23, 2009

sue me: i lifted the title of this post from dr. michael savage. i appreciate the man and his brain, i listen to his radio show every night, and i agree with a majority of what he says.

let’s focus on the “language” aspect for this post. dr. savage is referring to english as the primary language for everything in america; if you come to my country, learn my language and assimilate. when i lived in san francisco, every single voter pamphlet, no matter the office, contained voting instructions for what seemed like dozens of languages. what a waste of money, and needless to say it drove me crazy.

today, i’m going to focus on words and phrases which i hear every day which are driving up the wall:

baby mama / baby daddy

what the fuck? i’m so sick of hearing both. they’re so beyond white trash, and quite frankly i can’t think of any other words or phrases to describe them.


my sister-in-law, God love her, says “aks” instead of “ask.” it’s a-s-k sweetie, no a-k-s. you’re not lizzie borden. ask, ask, ask.

there’s also aight (all right) and fiddy (fifty), both of which push me over the abyss.

what’s wrong with our young people today, and what are they learning in school? where’s the parental supervision? do our young people really believe they’re going to get anywhere in this world talking with this type of language? it’s nice to see my incredibly high taxes are going to good use.

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