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stop, drop, rock ‘n roll: “break stuff”

March 20, 2009

imho there are 3 universal connectors: sex, science and music. sex keeps us going and makes us feel good. science is the proof of knowledge. music … well, music brings it all home.

i remember the first bit of music i ever bought (drum roll please) — it was an 8-track tape by donnie osmond. shut your pie hole and stop laughing! i saved up my minuscule allowance to buy a player and that tape and swooned as i listened to “puppy love.” over the years, thankfully, my musical tastes have grown and developed, and i now listen to a wide variety of genres. donnie, now and forever, holds a special place in my heart …

the “stop, drop, rock ‘n roll” category on this blog thingy is where i’ll showcase a favorite song and its accompanying video. first up on the docket is “break stuff” (explicit version) by limp bizkit. i bet you didn’t know 43yo cougar’s even knew about the bizkit. i surely do and this 2:45m ditty is my rage song. when i’m balls to the wall pissed off, when i have to expel the hate and rage i’m feeling, i go to this song and it never fails me. imagine yours truly at the poker table, in the midst of a big pot with my ipod blaring this song through my ears and exciting my brain. i am …. unstoppable. “break stuff” is a song the mr. doesn’t understand, and i don’t care. it’s for me, it’s my go-to, it’s my 11.

“break stuff” by limp bizkit

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