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March 20, 2009

the untimely, and very sad, passing of actress natasha richardson is one of the major entertainment news stories of this week. i think it tells an even more interesting story …

ms. richardson and her husband actor liam neeson have two beautiful teen-aged sons, micheal and daniel. (i’ve seen “micheal” also spelled as “michael,” so i’m not sure which spelling is correct.) this is a family which we didn’t read about in the glossies nor on perez or tmz. the couple seemed to adore each other and we haven’t read stories about their boys in trouble with the law or smoking dope. i love that. family, acting as one unit, with the parents in charge and having the ultimate authority of the family unit.

ms. richardson passed away at the age of 45. i never met her nor saw her on broadway; nevertheless, she seemed like one cool cat. always smiling in photos and during interviews, and staring adoringly and with love and trust at her husband. cool stuff, sweetheart.

here’s what i’m taking from this sad event: don’t be a “what if” person. in the blink of an eye your life as you have defined it can be taken from you. you took a breath this morning, but you may not be so lucky tomorrow. look, i’m not a certified life coach, nor am i a motivational speaker (though many friends and colleagues have urged me to become one), but i do know this: i am special, i am precious, and i don’t want my life to be filled with “coulda, woulda, shoulda” moments. if i don’t take a breath tomorrow morning when i lift my head from the pillow, my life up until that point has been stupendously amazing, thrown in with some exhaustion, mind-blowing good times, great sex, scary times with my mom, a nonexistent father, and a lovely and, at times, not so healthy family. i have no regrets about how i’ve lived my 43 years. i am ready to meet God, and to own up to my mistakes and transgressions. i am me, and i live my life with the thought process of “i could walk off the edge of the sidewalk tomorrow and get plowed by a bus.” simple, really.

don’t allow yourself to become a victim. you define your life and it’s up to you to make your definition one for the history books. tomorrow is not the time; your time is now.

i said a prayer last night for ms. richardson’s family, and another one for her husband and her children. from what i can gather of a woman i never met, she never had coulda/woulda/shoulda moments. good for her.

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