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all alone on a thursday night …

March 19, 2009

… and that’s fine by me. the “mr.” is out with the boys at a quasi-legal gambling establishment, and i’m 100% positive the mr. is making some serious american dollars tonight. the house? quiet. the animals? asleep in our bedroom and sprawled out on their respective sleeping areas as if they’ve just stumbled home from a long night of drinking. the white trash neighbors? arguing very loudly, as usual. me? writing this here post and then i’m off to luxuriate in a hot bubble bath.

like the title of this blog states, i am a crazy conservative chick. in today’s parlance, you would describe me as a “cougar.” rowwwr. my upbringing was humble, bizarre and sometimes frightening; i got my own special box of chocolates with a mother who was addicted to drugs and a raging alcoholic. i do not, repeat do not, regret my childhood nor my circumstances growing up for a nanosecond. i am not a victim, unlike so many others who were in my position and who have chosen to take up that mantle. fuck that. indeed, my formative years truly, really and truly, made me the woman i am today, with all my good stuff and of course my faults. my choices are my own, and i generally don’t dwell on the past unless i’m making a point.

conservative? you bet your sweet ass i am. i, too, cried when b. hussein obama was sworn in, but i shed desperate tears not because i’m a fan(atic) but because i’m petrified at where this ass is taking the united states of america. his kool-aid is way to scary for this chick to consume. can i safely handle 4 years of this socialist insanity? i’m not sure, but only time will tell.

conservative. yes, i’m an appreciator of rush and ann and laura and most of all, dr. michael savage. keep your hands off my shit, keep your nose out of my bedroom, and know i will shoot you if you break into my home and i’ll parade your carcass up and down the block.

conservative. small government. right to keep and bear arms. fiscal responsibility and conservatism in this area when you’re discussing my tax dollars. abortion is murder. no long-term and generational welfare. welfare recipients are to have special notations on their drivers’ licenses and they’re not allowed to buy lotto tickets. i’m for the death penalty as long as guilt is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. indeed, if guilt is proven, allow the victim’s family to decide the punishment for the offender.

i’m scared about where america the beautiful is heading, and i’m begging those conservatives, true conservatives, to stand up and let your voices be heard and to get yourselves elected to office. the obama/biden/pelosi trifecta is insanity waiting to happen and the time is now to make our founding fathers proud. i’m sure all of them are rolling in their graves …

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